Fanta Photography Underwater

sydney photographer” title=”photographer, sydney photographer” />Sydney photographer jeremy park shoots from Fanta

Underwater photographer Sydney for Fanta Campaign

Underwater photographer Sydney for Fanta Campaign

Shooting with my new 50mp camera in Aquatech underwater housing we had a fun day in a Sydney pool for Fanta. The models we had were great and surprisingly managed to keep smiling with open eyes underwater for longer than I thought possible! We sank my tripod with weights and even had large Profoto striplights dipped into the water to get the light onto our hero for the photograph… Was a technical and fun challenge. Even to get the lights to fire while the camera was underwater required a unique solution. We also photographed other setups with a trapeze and one with coloured powder being thrown at a running model while he held a can of fanta heroed to camera! Besides from the technical aspect the production was also fun… as a Sydney photographer I find it exciting to travel about every week getting a peak into other peoples houses, offices and lives!

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