make your own paper camera

With the continuing rain in Sydney you maybe looking for a good old fashioned, sit around the table style, home project… Why not build a working “0″ megapixel pin hole camera out of paper and shun technology for a day. Pretty much all you need is a paper, glue, scissors, tape and some paperclips! That is… you can shun technology and give Apple the finger after you use your computer to print out the plans and watch the ‘how to’ videos! Here are some links to the cameras.

pin hole camera project

pin hole camera project





hasselblad-photography-camera -

photography-camera -1

My favourite would have to be the Hasselblad 500 series , which designer Kelly Angood has developed into a rather time consuming but amazing project to share.

If you’re lazier than Kelly and would like to just buy a paper camera, look at B+H Photo’s website. or the more retro