Jeremy Park Commercial Photographer
Benefit makeup photography of a girl playing ukulele

Benefit Makeup Shoot

Australia’s first cosmetic campaign on Instagram.

Shot by Jeremy Park Commercial Sydney Photographer

I was approached by Benefit to shoot ther first ever instagram shoot.  IT was infact one of te first “sponsored” instagram ever in Australia.  Putting together not only the shoot I was asked to come up with the whole concept. This is where I needed help some a small but nimble creative company.  I rang my friends at wisebrownfox who jumped on board last minute to come up with ideas and create the whole campaign. They also styled and I cast it.   With rain most days for a month and a theme of Australian Summer Fun, I think we were incredibly lucky to get some blue sky on the day.  It looks very sunny in the photos! Sydney was hit by a lightning storm at 4pm just when we packed up!

Shooting in a square format reminded me of the old days when the 6×6 Hasselblad was considered the primo advertising photographers camera.  It now seems normal to shoot in a square format with Instagram, however there was a long time where vertical editorial friendly images reined supreme.  I haven’t an online folio for my fashion work anymore, however there are some images here.

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